About Us

We’re an Engineering and Agile Software Development company composed by ardent fans of technology,  specialized in developing products that resolve the problems of your business.

We work side by side with your organization, from the understanding of the problem to the launch of the solution, in pro of generating innovative products.

 We support the necessary structural changes in order to stop thinking about what is urgent and start to work on what is important.


How we stand out 

  Our software is developed in units of time called sprints. In each one we include: planning, analysis, design, coding, quality, revision and documentation. Our goal is to have a functional version at the end of each cycle.

  The requirements of our clients and our solutions evolve through the collaborative efforts and the auto-organization of multi-functional teams.

Our values

  • Individuals and interactions: The auto-organization and motivation of a team of people is very important, even more so than the tools and processes.
  • Functional Software: Software that works is more useful and welcoming than only presenting documentation.
  • Client Collaboration: The requirements cannot be totally obtained at the beginning of the development cycle, therefore, it is important that the clients stay continuously involved.
  • Responding to change: Agile development is focused on a rapid response to change and continuous development.

Quality from day one

 We worry about the quality of development continuously. We create a quality product from day one and plan it with the use of techniques and tools (Testing – Continuous Integration/Deployment) as part of the development, in order to achieve this goal.

 Lastly, we control the quality through revision meetings that we will have with you, and after each of them we have a team retrospective to see how we can improve.

Business goals vs technologies  

 We enjoy challenges and use top of the line technology, although we like to focus a lot more in evolving your business processes and taking them to the next level. In that sense, technology takes a step back because whats important is to contribute value to your processes, using the most adequate and efficient technology to solve your problem.

 Using the above in conjunction with agility, our spirit, way of work, interactions, trust and philosophy, all carried out by a team of people motivated in helping you, make of this a good experience and entertaining process for the both of us.

Products that solve business problems

   Our product is software specially designed for people like you.  Part of a great organization and that have initiative or a problem that can be resolved by working together.

   Having said that, by working with us and using technology and our methodology, you will achieve the best solution.

   Best of all, we will build it as a team, in an iterative manner and with a unique process.

Comparative Statistics

Agile is more successful

The Chaos Report is published annually since 1994 by Standish Group in order to inform of the statistics of success or failure in computer projects at a global level.

The following results belong to the year 2015.

You have control

 Traditionally, to understand the variables of a project, the common iron triangle is used. They usually start from a known scope (“I want a system that does A, B and C”), and with this information time and costs are negotiated.

 The methodologies that we use at Synaptic encourage inverting the triangle, leaving the variables that the client dominates most, to him.

You already know how much money and time you have available, therefore whats left to figure out together is defining the scope that adds the greatest value for each iteration.

It will be you who determines the importance of each aspect of the product and we will decide as a team on what to work on each iteration with which you control the scope, the times and the cost.


 We believe in the importance of being transparent with you and believe its important that from the very beginning you have a possibility of knowing to how much the investment you’re about to carry out to ascends.

Team Prices

Bronze: 12000 USD plus tax

  • 1 Full-time Senior Engineer
  • Design

Silver: 18000 USD plus tax

  • 1 Full-time Senior Engineer
  • 1 Part-time Senior Engineer
  • Design

Gold: 24000 USD plus tax

  • 2 Full-time Senior Engineers
  • Design

Platinum: 36000 USD plus tax

  • 3 Full-time Senior Engineers
  • Design

Our Team

   We care about people and trust them. We have a trusting relationship, which makes sincerity a fundamental value to us.

   Due to this trust and aiming to motivate and give responsibilities, we leave the team to auto-manage themselves, choosing their tasks and how to resolve them, favoring in this way, people over processes.  The team members plan their day, make progress and coordinate between them in daily stand-up meetings at the start of the workday. Moreover, its the same team that estimates the time that it will take to carry out the tasks, since they are the ones that will be thinking everyday on how to add the greatest value.

   Additionally, we care very much that you can visualize how we make progress in the construction of your product and it is because of this reason that we leave at your disposal an online tool that allows you to see the progress of our work when you wish.

   We encourage the participation of everyone, specially you, and will invite you to planning and estimation meetings. This invitation extends to everyone else that is interested.

   We’re transparent, expose and react to reality. We don’t hide our problems, we face them.

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